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Subbie's Play Pen ;-)

21st April, 2009. 10:01 pm. Something a little different...

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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15th May, 2007. 8:54 pm. Just so you know

Klein Sexual Orientation Grid

I scored an average of 0.38





This result can also be related to the Kinsey Scale:

0 = exclusively heterosexual
1 = predominantly heterosexual, incidentally homosexual
2 = predominantly heterosexual, but more
than incidentally homosexual
3 = equally heterosexual and homosexual
4 = predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally
5 = predominantly homosexual, incidentally heterosexual
6 = exclusively homosexual


The idea of this excercise is to understand exactly how dynamic a person's sexual orientation can be, as well as how fluid it can be over a person's lifespan. While a person's number of actual homo/heterosexual encounters may be easy to categorize, their actual orientation may be completely different. Simple labels like "homosexual", "heterosexual", and "bisexual" need not be the only three options available to us.

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1st May, 2007. 11:00 pm. My favorite night...

This is my absolutely FAVORITE sexual experience I've had to date as a whole. If you don't like it I'm sorry you wasted your time, but this is what I love and what my partner doesn't mind doing for me.  This is not what I would consider soft-core porn, so DO NOT go into it thinking that.


Current mood: horny.

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23rd March, 2007. 10:42 am. To Dom or not to Dom....

Current mood: tired.

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8th February, 2007. 5:36 pm. What's my sexual IQ?

You have a sexual IQ of 146

When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends.

Take this quiz at QuizUniverse.com

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3rd December, 2006. 10:05 pm. Winter Break

Winter break for me starts on Friday, December 15.  I will not be on-line much, if at all during winter break, if you would like to keep in contact with me you can email me or leave me a message and I will send you out what you need to know to get in contact with me. 

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2nd October, 2006. 1:54 am. A more dominant side of our switch...though the sub does come through

This is a more Dominant side of our subbie...it doesn't happen often, and it doesn't last long, but no one's ever complained.

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16th May, 2006. 3:17 pm.

Just for you game_of_spoilsbecause I know you are uncomfortable with true to life or been done by me and my S.O., this one is totally made up. I was going to make it as an entry for your contest, but as you will see, FAR exceeds 100 words. 

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16th May, 2006. 11:47 am. Vacation info

Well, it's finals week. That means the end of the semester is fast approaching and the beginning of the next is still in limbo. I get to go home soon. I won't be online most of the summer probably, if you want to keep in touch with me send me an IM, e-mail, or reply here by the end of the week and I'll send you info so you can get in touch with me.

Thanks and good luck on finals if you have them! Have a great summer!

Current mood: complacent.

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7th May, 2006. 9:21 pm. Letter to the "editor" of adultsexstories

To: adultsexstories@yahoo.com

Out of curiosity, are you still doing your job as moderator? Because it's been better than a month since you accepted anything, and frankly it's pretty boring. I mean if there's nothing good coming in and you can't think of anything either, that's just the way things are. However, if you aren't going to do it anymore, either close down the group or give it to someone else, please.

Swsubbie from livejournal.com

Current mood: annoyed.

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